wow classic leveling guide horde zone

To cut down on the time that you. I noticed yesterday though none of the quest names are a different color anymore. Kill satyrs here until Befouled by Satyr is complete. Turn in. Repeat this until the quest is done. Once you have six collars and an insignia, try to find an orc named. Run back to the foreman and pick up the quest: Now run all the way west to the cave guarded by grellkin. Continue grinding on yetis here to reach level 50. up top. . Head north to Emerald Sanctuary and turn in, Head north until you reach Jaedenar. beast that you see. When you click it, you will be ambushed by three trolls. Joana's Classic WoW 1-60 Leveling Guides. Follow it east until you arrive at Gahrron’s Withering. Stay killing stuff here until all three remaining quests are done. Either way, do dungeons until you are level 21. Run south to the main road and follow it east over the bridge. Ignore his bodyguards and run away after looting. Look for piles of eggs on the ground near trees too. Go underwater and click on the mushroom to pick up a. In the middle of the isles, you’ll find several buildings and a hill with. Head north all the way back to Brackenwall Village. Thanks for taking this journey with us and happy hunting on your fresh level 60 character! Make your away around the mountain to your south to find the Ruins of Constellas. . Use your hearthstone to return to Hammerfall. Run to the top of the plateau and kill the humans there. Run east and make your way back up the cliff. Here you should kill any slimes you find. Go fight the slimes there to collect three, Once both quests are done, go east to an area filled with wolves and bears. Do “Indurium”. Head west at Bloodvenom River to reach Bloodvenom Post. Are there alternate things to do becides grinding? If you have any combinable chapters, do so now to save space. Whether you do it alone or in a group, kill Mercutio and loot him. Stop when you see nagas. Turn in, Lard’s Picnic Basket, Cannibalistic Cousins, Message to the Wildhammer, Vilebranch Hooligans. Avoid the rare elite here unless you have help. . It’s been fixed, so thank you very much for catching that. Follow it all the way through the mountains and keep doing so as it opens up into a clearing. Go through Timbermaw Hold and go east to Winterspring. Use your hearthstone to return to Orgrimmar. Follow it and enter the cave you find. Turn in, Take a flight to Thunder Bluff. Now go west along the road until you hit the bridge. Depending on what dungeon you did, you may not need to do this at all. Head to the Magic Quarter. Ride the elevator down and go west along the road. Once you’re done, run north past Camp Mojache to find Grimtotem Village. Make sure to pick up a Deadly Blunderbuss and any other shredder manual pages if you didn’t earlier. Kill murlocs here to get your eyes. Continue killing any spiders and bears that you see. Run back south to reach Razor Hill. . Now you need to find the two prisoners and free them. Keep jumping on both piles of eggs until you have two glands. Head northeast of it to find a trail. Now go up a level on the docks to enter a house and pick up the quests: Make your way to the northern exit of Booty Bay. Destroy the. It currently says go NORTH, then EAST to Ratchet. Run west on the road back to The Bulwark. Head back northeast and accept the escort quest: After the escort, run southwest to a tent. Collect the last of your legs for Fresh Meat here. Then head east towards the wall of the zone. Then leave and take the zeppelin to Orgrimmar. Leave the camp and run northeast to get back to Splintertree Post. Keep running along the road until you notice a tower to your right. You’ll also need 30. Kill and loot him. There are four enemies inside, but you can split them into two pulls. Exit Booty Bay via the north exit and head east to the Wild Shore. While you’re running, pick up any tool buckets you notice along the way because these hold the, Return to the shredder to the north and turn in. lvl 58 #47 Head East is West and is not first time i find East instead of west or west instead of east in the past 3-4 levels. Turn in. Head north from Grom’gol until you find a hill in between two ruins. Keep going west until you find a way into the cave above. Enter the house on the west side and turn in, Use your hearthstone to return to Undercity. Thanks so much for catching that for us! But never say to accept this quest. You’re absolutely correct, we forgot to get that turn in noted. Go to Elder Rise and hand in, By now you should be finished with the evergreen pouch, so turn in, Magatha’s Payment to Jediga, Jes’rimon’s Payment to Jediga, Andron’s Payment to Jediga. Then head directly northwest and across the river to get back to Grom’gol Base Camp. World of Warcraft site Wowhead has done the heavy lifting here, working out the average time it takes to reach level 50 through each expansion zone. using the yellow dots on your minimap as guidance. Some of these are quite fun and lead to great rewards, while others are a waste of time. You just have to stay on the road and look around for (stealthy) enemies. Leave the valley and head north to access the Noxious Lair. Once you cross, jump down and start heading east. Head along the Eastern route until you reach Splintertree Post. Turn in, . The Plaguewood is northwest from the user’s location at that point. This is a good time to collect your filled vials from earlier. Thanks for the guide, currently following it and it’s working nicely . When he says so, use the brazier and kill a few waves of enemies. Either around the house or inside you will find. They tend to hide around trees and can be targeted with the tab key. I guess, before you see this item, you hit lvl 60. Repeat this until Screecher Spirits is done. Follow the shore south until you find a shipwreck. Run across the road and enter the sanctuary. If you manage to kill him, pick up the. If you didn’t finish Tiger Mastery earlier, make sure to do that before reaching camp. Kill enemies in Thunder Ridge until you are level 11. I haven’t done any of these quests yet. Eventually you will find. And a temporal discombobulator! Keep going east to find a large skeleton. While you’re doing that, use your hearthstone to return to Orgrimmar. Look for. . doing this. The vanilla WoW Horde leveling guide you see on this site was originally made back in 2006 by Joana (AKA Mancow, or FuriousPaul). From Irontree Cavern, follow the road to the north as it goes northeast. Leave the building and go to the east of the bluff to find one more bridge. 0. Turn in. Ask a guard for help locating the flight master. Stay on the road here and follow it north to get to Satyrnaar. Sell, repair, and stock up on consumables. Follow it to find. Save any pages of the, yet, continue killing the naga until you do. Darn, okay got that fixed too. near the entrance. Pull this camp slowly. Just a heads up. Keep going until you see a few elves with quests for you. After the escort is done, head back to Quel’danil Lodge to finish Message to the Wildhammer. Go north from here until you come across a few centaur camps. Turn in, Run northwest to return to Fire Plume Ridge. ; Numbers within the bars indicate the level range. Run south off the road here and look for a hippogryph named. Run to the east when you can to enter Dustwallow Marsh. Turn in, of the caves in Dreadmaul Rock. to spawn aspirit. Go north from the camp until you find two buildings. Eventually you’ll find Roguefeather Den. Repair, buy level 35 food and water, and clear out our bags. Kill him and any other councilmen you need for the quest. Now go northeast of Hillsbrad Fields until you find a cave of yetis. Follow it to find, Now run west from here to find Mirage Flats. You need 3. Why does this guide assume players will automaticly go to Barrens, Its not assuming, they are providing a route for u ( which u can either take or not), RE:Shadow Priest Damage Coefficients (TBC). Repeat this until the quest is done. From the tar pools, head southeast to find a run-down encampment. What we’ve surmised is that you must have been looking at the second half of the quest Broken Alliance ( which is, as you’ve pointed out, meant for a higher level, or for a group. . We have some updates being pushed out this week so that helps! Cross the bridge, then head northeast to find Shatter Scar Vale. Now run northeast to make your way back to Tarren Mill. You need seven of each color (blue, yellow, red, and green). Start hugging the wall on your left until you find another room. To do this, run east until you hit a river and then run north until you find a bridge. You should now have several quests to turn in, including, The Escape, Free From the Hold, Miner’s Fortune, The Guns of Northwatch, After turning in quests, exit Ratchet to the west, but immediately turn and start running straight north towards the mountain. Kill any. Pick up his head after killing him and go back to Ratchet. But great guide! Without further ado, let’s get to leveling! Dive into the water and collect the artifacts scattered across the floor. Click and turn both of them off. Loot all the crates you see here to find all of Kim’jael’s equipment. . Turn in. Keep killing owlbeasts here until you find a. Whenever you’re finished with a leveling session, always try and return to an inn so you can accumulate rested experience. Just focus on killing and looting the harpy named. Once you get your pet at Level 10, you will notice your kill speed increase and your downtime drop drastically. If you are a rogue and your lockpicking is high enough, you can technically skip the Key to Scholomance and its lead up quests, but you will miss out on all of the xp, so don’t. Download the client and get started. Kill them to collect 10, Now run north, swimming across the water, to reach Grom’gol Base Camp. Follow the road northwest all the way out of Thousand Needles and into Feralas. Kill any humans that you need here, then run further north to find the other types. This time keep going past them and run west once you pass the western colossal. Go to the Valley of Wisdom and pick up the quest: Hidden Enemies. The path you’ve mapped takes you to Redridge Mountains. Accept Indurium and Barbecued Buzzard Wings. You can find a guard to give your first warsong report to in the middle of a tower just outside the gates. Pick it up and use it to begin the quest: . Follow it to the north and kill. Kill and loot. Within Hillsbrad Fields, make your way to the smaller of two houses. You need a drop from each enemy type here. To find Tog’thar, follow the path near the bridge at the entrance as it curves up the hill. Kill them until Are We There, Yeti? Kill them until you are level 30. Walk up to the pylon on top of the hill. The rest are picked up from NPCs just outside RFD’s entrance, or inside the dungeon itself. Run northwest back to the goblin and turn in. Individual Class Steps - So far we have all the Horde and Alliance starting zones complete with all class steps. . There is a pack of three enemies inside, but once they’re killed you can find. Use your. Don’t get off the lift until you reach the third floor. . You need to find three; one on the back, right, and left. Return to Hammerfall and turn it in. Be prepared for two separate occasions of needing to fight three or more enemies, but let Rin’ji soak some damage to make it easier. Eventually the road will begin to curve east. Kill quilboar in this area until you have killed 12 thornweavers, 12 geomancers, and 6 water seekers. From the Slithering Scar, go south towards the mountains and follow it west, killing all the pterrordaxes you see. That path will take you to Redridge Mountains. When mentioning the Magram Marauders you have the wrong location on the map, you marked where the gelkis are and say kill Magram… they are in the South-East. Turn in, Now go south back to Grom’gol Base Camp. Run directly south from the cave to the other side of the zone. Changes have been made to the guide directing players to the dungeon, along with some suggested quests for it. Keep running this direction past Southshore to reach the Western Strand. Run up to it and enter the house on the left. Feel free to destroy your operating manual for the control console because you won’t need it anymore. From here, head northeast until you find crocodiles. Run downstairs to pick up a. , who is either on the top floor or in the main room at the bottom of the stairs. This guide does use a combination of questing, grinding, and a few dungeons (skippable). You should now be south of Blackwood Lake and the river that connects to it. Nothing in between there says when or where to do it. After killing them the escort will be complete. Exit the lake via the north coast. Right before crossing zones, you’ll notice a quest giver on the side of the road. If you’re a tauren or undead. Burn that too and then return to the lodge entrance. Kill any nagas you see if Drowned Sorrows is not finished. However, I was able to reach 60 in the middle of the eastern plaguelands quests, so this wasn’t an issue. Pick up the flight path here and then immediately hearth to UC. Fight your way into the house so you can turn in, Head east from here along the coast to find Gahrron’s Withering. Hey I think it never says to turn in Fiery Menace in Burning Steppes. Ascend the main structure to find, Kill and loot Foreman Cozzle. Head directly west to reach Thistleshrub Valley. When you have the journal, use it and accept the quest: Head to the northernmost part of the zone to locate Marshall’s Refuge. You should be level 59 now. Fight your way inside the main room. Once you see patches of blue mushrooms then you are in the right spot. ) Once you are attacked by three tauren at once, ensure that all attackers only hit you or else Kaya will quickly die. . Kill all the golems here. Now run south past Camp Mojache to return to the gnoll camps. Leave the area by heading north. afterwards for a nice chunk of experience. Follow it to enter Tanaris, and keep going until you enter the town of Gadgetzan. Go back across the bridge and run south to find a building. Destroy the flying machine and return to Gann on the road. We had to figure out a reasonable fix for this, which was why it took so long to address your comment. Once you find help, head west to the camp of twilight enemies. Take a flight to Kargath. Head to the inn and set your hearthstone to Undercity. Before they die, use the Burning Gem on them when they have less than 20% health. Eliminate any furbolg you see. on them first. Once you have the egg, run west along the road to get back to Freewind Post. Follow the road to the north. A Little Help From My Friends, Roll the Bones, Shizzle’s Flyer. Head south back to Misty Reed Post. Once you arrive, go to the western lift and accept the quest: . Turn in. Go down the slope on the south side to enter. After lighting the watchtower over the bridge, run back to Kalaran near Thorium Point. Make sure to set your hearthstone to Booty Bay while you’re still here. Once you arrive at Tiragarde Keep, kill and loot all the humans you find. Turn in, Run south out of town until you cross the road. Run straight across from it to pick up the quest: All trainers should be close nearby, but a few are actually inside The Den. Enter Timbermaw Hold and go east once you cross the first bridge to reach Winterspring. Green text means that it is time to turn in a quest. Kill any golems, dwarves, and Greater Lava Spiders you find. Fight your way into the hut to find a control console inside. You’ll be ambushed multiple times. Observation: Level 49 point 28, you send us way south to some yetis, well.. these are the wrong yetis. Make your way up the bluff across multiple bridges until you reach a plateau with two routes to take. It is advised that you complete your class quests in your own starting zone before getting to the Valley of Trials, or simply skip the level 1-12 section of this guide.

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